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by One and Done

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Random pic substituted for album art.


released June 24, 2004

Recorded with Jayson from Ringmaster Records in Sarasota, Florida. Jayson graciously donated his time and resources to us for putting together this EP.




One and Done Gainesville

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Track Name: My Advice
I know you don't want my advice, that's why I don't even try
Giving suggestions to you
I see just how it begins, the situation you're in
I know you're hurt
Do you think about just how you did yourself in this time?
You never see that it's your fault
But I'm gonna keep on puttin' up with you

Move on, move on, move on
You've got to move on
There is no other way
Move on, move on, move on
You've got to move on
I suggest you start today
Move on

You always say girls mess you up and that they're all evil but
You're the one who's to blame now
If you would give up the fight, just once admit you're not right
You'd be surprised
Do you think about just how you did yourself in this time?
You never see that it's your fault
But I'm gonna keep on puttin' up with you

Well if you heed my advice then you've got to move on
And I know that you can, I know you can be strong
So I say
There are better things on their way
Track Name: Something Different
There's somethign different about it this time
That makes me want to stay
I've got the feeling that it's gonna be
A very very nice day

I look around me and all that I see
Are things that make me smile
I've got the feeling I'm gonna stay here
For quite a quite a while

And I know that this is what I wanna do
There's something different and I'm glad it's here with you
Maybe this time I'll try to get it right
This time

There's something different this time about the practice space
The way the music sounds just feels so right
The trumpet, trombone, sax, guitar, drums and the bass
I could keep playing this all night
Track Name: Why Not Me
I'm through the door and I step inside
A change occurs in me
They pull the curtains, dim the lights
It's the only place to be
It fills my heart and it lifts my soul
The real world drifts away
The sea of people surges forth
As the band begins to play
And I realized today

If they can do it why not me
It seems to come so easily
It's all that I know how to be
If they can do it why not me

We've been around and we've paid our dues
We're here for your eyes on disply
We're doin' what we love to do
We're playin' how we play
For now I live vicariously
The dreams abounding in my head
On stage is where I need to be
No more watching them instead
And I do mean what I said
Track Name: That Afternoon
I think back to the day
Without a doubt I was in love with you
And the good times were what we were all about
I thought we'd see it through
But something had to go wrong
Maybe my fault, or maybe it was ours
I could not expect the day
That afternoon, the day it all turned sour

Sometimes I wonder what could've been
If I hadn't pushed so hard could I have kept you as a friend
It's the least you can do to tell me what I did or said to you
That made you walk away for good
Track Name: Sad Disguise
I don't know why I feel this way
Don't know quite what's wrong with me or why I act a bit insane
When I can feel me start to fall apart
For better's how I want to change, I'd even settle for the same
You try to say what's in my head
You try to claim that you're my friend
You're supposed to help me when I fall
Right now I feel you don't care at all

When I am down you have to push me down
You're always waiting for a chance to get to me
You beat me up and then you cut me down
I only need you to be here, be here for me

You have to know that I'm so scared
I want the hurt to go away, I want to bury all this pain
But I can't scream the loudest cry for help
My pride controls what shows outside, the ultimate in sad disguise
I know you try to do what's right
Keep the big picture in your sights
What I need is for you to see
Just what you're words can do to me

When I say I'm doing the best I can
Please believe I'm doing the best I can
Cause you don't know where it is that I'm coming from
You can't look inside my head to see what's going on
It's so hard to admit that I might be wrong

Just once look back on this and tell me, tell me you regret it

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