Change the Change

by One and Done

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released July 21, 2007

Drums, bass, horns, and a few vocals recorded at Rec Room Studios in Gainesville, Florida. Guitars and vocals recorded at Ringmaster Studios in Sarasota, Florida. Mixed and mastered at Rec Room Studios.




One and Done Gainesville

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Track Name: I'm an Idiot
I can’t change the way I change
But maybe you can change the change
I can’t help the things that help
Are pushing you away from me

And all those times that you told me you were sorry
Were all the times that I should have been saying

I wanna stay consistent and always make sense
But that’s asking too much
And the way I feel right now is crushed
Maybe it’s not right to yell at you
Maybe you’ve done nothing wrong
But the fact that you don’t me because I’ve changed
Proves that you’re a cause

You tell me everything will be okay in the end
So here’s your philosophy
The bad news it won’t be okay
The good news is there is no end to this
Track Name: Over and Over
You know when you got offline last night I was pissed off
Redundancy, over and over
Now I’m sober and you made sense
Liquor was my defense, fuck I hate being wrong

Now I try to make things right but now you’re pissed off
Pissed off at me, over and over
We go over the same shit twice
And three more fucking times

You wanna leave I know
So why don’t you just go and take these words along with you

You were the best time of my life, you’re right
I’m right, I don’t care
I’ll be okay
You’ll want me back someday

You’ll want me back
Track Name: Pennies
Whatever happened to that song I wrote
Where I would always miss the final note
And everybody thought it was a joke
But I guess that you knew more than that
It’s like we thought the time would never change
And we were always on the same page
But I guess our book was never read
Somebody threw it in the fire instead

Or maybe we could sink like pennies in the water
Or down another drink and blissfully go under
And that’s just how we’ll be, considering no other
While we bicker and go on
Just turn the other cheek, ignoring when I falter
Or say that you love me, even though not for much longer
Do anything but leave, that’ll only make it harder
To delay my moving on

Whatever happened to those days we played
Where we’d look forward to a new day
And where we’d relish in the novelty
Of having you next to me
But now I guess there is no turning back
Now I’m resigned to have my bags packed
If we could just give it one last try
Yeah that would be great, that would be fine
Track Name: Proximity
Never once did I think you’d be leaving me
Unfair how much I’m losing for you to follow your calling

Don’t speak that way
We’re gonna stay the way we are
You’ll still get everything you need from me
Proximity, I will assign it no meaning, meaning

So young, so much you’d done, still so much yet to come
Seems God thought it was the day he ought to take you away

Don’t mourn for me
Know that I’m in a better place
We celebrate life and we feel no pain
I’m gonna stay in you heart and in you mind always, always

Say that this is hard for you
Tell me that I won’t forget you

Distance is only as lonely as you let it be
I miss you already, don’t let me let you get away
Today we’re forced to say our goodbyes
I’ll see you in another life

Your memories
Constant reminder of these days
Pretend we never wasted time away
A ghost of me, I will haunt you every day, always

Say that this is hard for you
Promise that I won’t forget

I already miss you
You know I’m gonna miss you
God I’m gonna miss you
Track Name: Thank You
I saw you last night, you hadn’t changed a bit
I never once imagined it would come to this
I was on the outside all alone
A starry-eyed kid just trying to fit it
You were different from the ones that were laughing
And through it all you were the one
The one who talked to me and stood by me
You kept a little girl from being oh-so lonely
Now I can say

Thank you for humoring me and dealing with my naivety
I want you to know it meant so much to me

You were a bright star in a dark sky
You helped me when so often I would wonder why
Why I was always on my own
I was so sad then, my heart was aching
Life to me was utterly depressing
Still through it all you were the one
And now I’m older, a little wiser
It’s taken eight whole years just to realize and
Now I can say

Thank you for humoring me and dealing with my naivety
I want you to know it meant so much to me

Why do I, I shut myself out
I’m in the dark constantly tearing at the walls
Intent on being inside
Inside, the inside
Wanna be on the inside

I’m so tired of trying to fit in
I’m so sick and tired of trying to cross that line
Can you tell me how
How, tell me how
Won’t you tell me how

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